In a world where instant needs and fast fulfilment are the norms, a slow pace almost becomes transgressive. Yet, laborious procedures that require painstaking patience have always kindled my interest and hooked me.
As a child, my favourite pastime was to create ultra-detailed miniatures using modelling clay. Time would stop and I was lost in the love for each detail. Finding that kind of care for the minute in a professional path seemed then just a dream. Then I discovered mosaics, where the slowness of the process is key, and caring for every single piece is not only allowed but necessary.

My professional training at the renowned mosaic school Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, where I graduated in 1998, taught me all about the ancient roots of this technique and its modern applications, and there my love for laborious procedures revealed itself as the ideal approach.

I have worked for many Italian and international mosaic studios, and I always kept on learning. It’s a lifelong process, and it became most interesting when I started teaching. Sharing my knowledge, in many diverse settings and to very different age groups, added depth and perspective to my approach.

Since 2014 I merged studio production and teaching, specializing in the translation of contemporary artworks into mosaic and in my 7 years as master Mosaic Lecturer at the Spier Arts Academy I managed students’ and apprentices’ teams in the manufacturing of medium and large scale projects.

Throughout my many years’ long practice I have expanded my knowledge of mosaic’s technical and aesthetical potential to a point where I can positively assert that no challenge is too hard: any stylistic choice can be translated into the mosaic. What is needed is the right idea.

Two of my works have been selected and published in the volume “Mosaic, techniques and traditions” by Sonia King.