I got my degree as Master Mosaicist at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in 1998 and from then on I dedicated myself to mosaic. As a freelance artisan I collaborated with many Italian and international studios, gaining thorough knowledge of all aspects of this fascinating medium.

My teaching method is based on two cornerstones: the practical example and the excellence of the results. These are the principles I apply to the teaching of the mosaic art, together with the professional approach to production. These proved to be a successful approach that engaged and trained my students.

Art and profession: two fundamental tesserae which compose my approach, and that, united in my long and significant practice, allowed during the years the production of large scale artworks, fabricated by teams of apprentices (examples).

Selected Individual Projects

Team Works

Theory Subjects

Short courses for beginners and extensive courses for advanced students.

Individual and group classes.

  • Mosaic History
  • Andamento / Drawing for Mosaic
  • Colour Theory
  • Material Knowledge
  • Interpretation, Planning and Management